The questionable grammar of Mississauga punk band Bike Thiefs is far from a typo. It may have even agitated your perfectly tuned brains. That’s convenient in itself seeing as Bike Thiefs have managed to craft the feeling of frustration and angst into passionate heart striking music. Singer/guitarist Marko Woloshyn’s vocals and stage presence transports the audience back to the early days of punk with his embodiment of Ian Curtis. Lacking a second guitarist, the music is backpacked by bassist Kris Pandeirada whose simple yet striking bass playing acts as a tight rope for Woloshyn’s sporadic guitar work. Drummer Andrew Fasken secures the beating heart of their music in a vessel that launches the band into the stratosphere. Bike Thiefs show no sign of landing. Running on the fuel of their caustic new EP, These Things Happen All The Time, they continue to break their own boundaries as well as the secured walls of the suburbs.

– Chad Mason