Tour Dates

Upcoming Dates

Date Venue Location
August 8 House of TARG Ottawa ON
August 9 La Sotterenea Montreal QC
August 10 Rathaus Burlington VT
August 12 O’Brien’s Boston MA
August 13 Alphaville Brooklyn NY
August 14 Liquor Store New Brunswick NJ
August 15 The Pharmacy Philadelphia PA
August 16 Black Cat Washington DC
August 17 The Bushnel Pittsburgh PA

Past Dates

Date Venue Location
June 18/18 The Baby G Toronto ON
June 2/18 The Townehouse Tavern Sudbury ON
June 1/18 Ask A Punk Waterloo ON
May 26/18 Jimmy Jazz Guelph ON
May 25/18 The Baby G Toronto ON
May 11/18 Monarch Tavern (CMW) Toronto ON
April 27/18 New Grey Goat Newmarket ON
April 7/18 Quenchers Saloon Chicago IL
April 6/18 CincinNative Cincinnati OH
April 5/18 Soundpony Tulsa OK
April 4/18 Chixs N Styxs Norman OK
April 3/18 Dan’s Silver Leaf Denton TX
April 2/18 Dreamy Life Records Fort Worth TX
April 1/18 Beerland Austin TX
March 31/18 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge LA
March 30/18 Chizuko Pensacola FL
March 29/18 Poor Boys New Orleans LA
March 28/18 529 Atlanta GA
March 27/18 Snug Harbour Charlotte NC
March 26/18 Slash Run Washington DC
March 24/18 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia PA
March 23/18 The Kingsland Brooklyn NY
March 22/18 O’Brien’s Pub Allston MA
March 21/18 The Painted Lady Toronto ON
January 27/18 Off the Floor Fest Guelph ON
January 26/18 Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
January 5/18 Warehouse St. Catharines ON
October 28/17 Less Than Level Oakville ON
October 27/17 The Foxx Lounge Barrie ON
October 6/17 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
September 29/17 New Grey Goat Newmarket ON
September 9/17 Baba’s Lounge Charlottetown PE
September 8/17 Thunder & Lightening Sackville NB
September 7/17 Claud’s House Moncton NB
September 6/17 Menz & Mollyz Halifax NS
July 27/17 Ask A Punk Ottawa ON
July 26/17 O’Brien’s Pub Allston MA
July 25/17 The Gateway Brooklyn NY
July 24/17 DC9 Washington DC
July 23/17 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia PA
July 22/17 The Bushnel Pittsburgh PA
July 21/17 Northside Yacht Club Cincinnati OH
July 20/17 Buzzbin Art & Music Shop Canton OH
July 17/17 Burlington Bar Chicago IL
June 27/17 Cuchulainn’s Mississauga ON
June 10/17 Ninkasi Saint-Jean Québec QC
June 9/17 Brasserie Beaubien Montréal QC
May 28/17 Clarke Hall Port Credit ON
May 28/17 Robothaus Toronto ON
May 22/17 Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
Apr 29/17 POP Sherbrooke Sherbrooke QC
Apr 28/17 Quai des Brumes Montréal QC
April 27/17 The Record Centre Ottawa ON
April 21/17 Baby G (CMW) Toronto ON
March 2/17 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
February 4/17 The Temple St. Catharines ON
January 21/17 Smiling Buddha (2.5 year celebration) Toronto ON
January 6/17 Jimmy Jazz Guelph ON
December 29/16 Bovine Sex Club Toronto ON
December 16/16 UP/DOWN Fest Guelph ON
November 26/16 Townehouse Tavern Sudbury ON
November 19/16 Coalition (Indie Week) Toronto ON
November 12/16 Van Gogh’s Ear Guelph ON
October 9/16 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
September 8/16 Adelaide Hall Toronto ON
August 27/16 The Cavern Winnipeg MB
August 26/16 Vangelis Saskatoon SK
August 25/16 Broken City Calgary AB
August 24/16 The Buckingham Edmonton AB
August 20/16 Funky Winkerbeans Vancouver BC
August 19/16 The Dirty Jersey Kamloops BC
August 18/16 Local 510 Calgary AB
July 29/16 The Foxx Lounge Barrie ON
June 19/16 The Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
June 10/16 The Silver Dollar Room Toronto ON
June 6/16 Reflections Cabaret Halifax NS
June 4/16 Baba’s Lounge Charlottetown PEI
June 3/16 Tide & Boar Ballroom Moncton NB
June 2/16 Gus’ Pub Halifax NS
Jun 1/16 Pub Down Under Saint John NB
May 29/16 Le Murdoch Sherbrooke QC
May 28/16 Jimmy Jazz Guelph ON
May 24/16 The Spill Peterborough ON
May 7/16 Call The Office London ON
May 6/16 Handlebar (CMW) Toronto ON
May 2/16 Bovine Sex Club (CMW) Toronto ON
Feb 25/16 HandleBar Toronto ON
February 12/16 Rum Runners London ON
January 23/16 Hard Luck Bar Toronto ON
November 27/15 TrinityLounge TempleBar Sarnia ON
November 21/15 The Moustache Club Oshawa ON
November 11/15 The Silver Dollar Room Toronto ON
November 7/15 House Show Mississauga ON
October 31/15 House Show Georgetown ON
October 19/15 Lourice’s Oakville ON
October 17/15 Ritual Ottawa ON
October 16/15 Le Murdoch Sherbrooke QC
October 15/15 Turbo Haus Montréal QC
October 10/15 EVAC London ON
Oct 10/15 Grooves (In-Store Performance) London ON
Oct 9/15 The Doors Hamilton ON
October 2/15 The Old Laurel Toronto ON
September 14/15 Lourice’s Oakville ON
September 11/15 The Spill Peterborough ON
September 5/15 Grimsby Skate Park Grimsby ON
August 29/15 Villain’s Beastro Windsor ON
August 22/15 Wasted Space Oshawa ON
August 14/15 The Doors Hamilton ON
August 11/15 The Barn Welland ON
July 16/15 Holy Oak Cafe Toronto ON
July 11/15 East Village Arts Coop (EVAC) London ON
June 27/15 Ellen’s Bar & Grill Brampton ON
June 18/15 The Foxx Lounge Barrie ON
June 17/15 Coalition: T.O. (NXNE) Toronto ON
June 5/15 Nino’s (Junebug Festival) Oakville ON
May 22/15 The Masonic Lodge Mississauga ON
May 16/15 Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
May 5/15 Sneaky Dee’s (CMW) Toronto ON
March 19/15 The Rivoli Toronto ON
March 4/15 The Moustache Club Oshawa ON
February 21/15 The Doors Pub Hamilton ON
Feb 18/15 Cherry Cola’s Rock ’N’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge Toronto ON
Feb 13/15 The Velvet Underground Toronto ON
January 17/15 The Masonic Lodge Mississauga ON