Tour Dates

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Past Dates

Date Venue Location  
June 17/22 Kjibi Montpellier FR
June 16/22 Disorder St Etienne FR
June 15/22 le Trokson Lyon FR
June 14/22 Brin de Zinc Barberaz FR
June 12/22 L’imposture Lille FR
June 11/22 The Shire Horse Corby UK
June 10/22 The Grayston Unity Halifax UK
June 9/22 Retro Manchester UK
June 8/22 The New Adelphi Hull UK
June 6/22 New Cross Inn London UK
June 4/22 Kaffee ‘t Hof Middleburg NL
June 3/22 Mezz Breda NL
June 1/22 Patronaat Haarlem NL
May 29/22 Ak Shelter Nantes FR
May 27/22 Supersonic Paris FR
May 25/22 Le Point Carré Angoulême FR
May 22/22 Pouzza Fest Montreal QC
May 14/22 Palasad Socialbowl London ON
May 4/22 The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
February 4/22 The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
December 11/21 Foufounes Electriques Montreal QC
October 15/21 The Monarch Tavern Toronto ON
November 28/20 Stomp’s 25th live series Online X
October 20/19 Turbo Haus Montreal QC
October 19/19 The Monkey Bar Burlington VA
October 18/19 O’Brien’s Boston MA
October 17/19 Gold Sounds Brooklyn NY
October 16/19 MilkBoy ArtHouse Baltimore MD
October 15/19 Slash Run Washington DC
October 14/19 Milestone Charlotte NC
October 13/19 Masquerade Atlanta GA
October 12/19 Caledonia Lounge Athens GA
October 11/19 Saturn Bar New Orleans LA
October 9/19 Hotel Vegas Austin TX
October 8/19 Blue Note Oklahoma City OK
October 7/19 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines IA
October 6/19 Subterranean Chicago IL
October 5/19 Green Acres Grand Rapids MI
October 4/19 Phog Lounge Windsor ON
September 29/19 Rec Room London ON
September 27/19 Rec Room Toronto ON
July 29/19 The Casbah Hamilton ON
July 27/19 Forge Fest Tillsonburg ON
July 26/19 Grand Gerrard Theatre Toronto ON
May 12/19 Rivoli Toronto ON
April 20/19 The Baby G Toronto ON
February 14/19 Bovine Sex Club Toronto ON
December 22/18 The Monarch Tavern Toronto ON
November 09/18 The Baby G Toronto ON
November 06/18 Hard Luck Bar Toronto ON
October 27/18 The Olympic Detroit MI
October 26/18 Fixin To Portland OR
October 25/18 Victory Lounge Seattle WA
October 24/18 Avant-Garden Vancouver BC
October 22/18 The Palomino Calgary AB
October 20/18 Bohemia Edmonton AB
October 19/18 The Root Lloydminster AB
October 18/18 Black Cat Saskatoon SK
October 17/18 Handsome Daughter Winnipeg MB
October 16/18 The Aquarium Fargo ND
October 15/18 Memory Lanes Minneapolis MN
October 14/18 Vaudville Mews Des Moines IA
October 13/18 Halloween House Milwaukee WI
October 12/18 Green Acres Grand Rapids MI
October 11/18 First Contact Lansing MI
October 10/18 Spread Art Detroit MI
September 14/18 Duffy’s Tavern Toronto ON
August 17/18 The Bushnel Pittsburgh PA
August 16/18 Black Cat Washington DC
August 15/18 The Pharmacy Philadelphia PA
August 14/18 Liquor Store New Brunswick NJ
August 13/18 Alphaville Brooklyn NY
August 12/18 O’Brien’s Boston MA
August 10/18 Radio Bean Burlington VT
August 9/18 La Sotterenea Montreal QC
August 8/18 House of TARG Ottawa ON
June 18/18 The Baby G Toronto ON
June 2/18 The Townehouse Tavern Sudbury ON
June 1/18 Ask A Punk Waterloo ON
May 26/18 Jimmy Jazz Guelph ON
May 25/18 The Baby G Toronto ON
May 11/18 Monarch Tavern Toronto ON
April 27/18 New Grey Goat Newmarket ON
April 7/18 Quenchers Saloon Chicago IL
April 6/18 CincinNative Cincinnati OH
April 5/18 Soundpony Tulsa OK
April 4/18 Chixs N Styxs Norman OK
April 3/18 Dan’s Silver Leaf Denton TX
April 2/18 Dreamy Life Records Fort Worth TX
April 1/18 Beerland Austin TX
March 31/18 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge LA
March 30/18 Chizuko Pensacola FL
March 29/18 Poor Boys New Orleans LA
March 28/18 529 Atlanta GA
March 27/18 Snug Harbour Charlotte NC
March 26/18 Slash Run Washington DC
March 24/18 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia PA
March 23/18 The Kingsland Brooklyn NY
March 22/18 O’Brien’s Pub Allston MA
March 21/18 The Painted Lady Toronto ON
January 27/18 Off the Floor Fest. Guelph ON
January 26/18 Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
January 5/18 Warehouse St. Catharines ON
October 28/17 Less Than Level Oakville ON
October 27/17 The Foxx Lounge Barrie ON
October 6/17 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
September 29/17 New Grey Goat Newmarket ON
September 9/17 Baba’s Lounge Charlottetown PE
September 8/17 Thunder & Lightening Sackville NB
September 7/17 Claud’s House Moncton NB
September 6/17 Menz & Mollyz Halifax NS
July 27/17 Ask A Punk Ottawa ON
July 26/17 O’Brien’s Pub Allston MA
July 25/17 The Gateway Brooklyn NY
July 24/17 DC9 Washington DC
July 23/17 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia PA
July 22/17 The Bushnel Pittsburgh PA
July 21/17 Northside Yacht Club Cincinnati OH
July 20/17 Buzzbin Canton OH
July 17/17 Burlington Bar Chicago IL
June 27/17 Cuchulainn’s Mississauga ON
June 10/17 Ninkasi Saint-Jean Québec QC
June 9/17 Brasserie Beaubien Montréal QC
May 28/17 Clarke Hall Port Credit ON
May 28/17 Robothaus Toronto ON
May 22/17 Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
Apr 29/17 POP Sherbrooke Sherbrooke QC
Apr 28/17 Quai des Brumes Montréal QC
April 27/17 The Record Centre Ottawa ON
April 21/17 The Baby G Toronto ON
March 2/17 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
February 4/17 The Temple St. Catharines ON
January 21/17 Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
January 6/17 Jimmy Jazz Guelph ON
December 29/16 Bovine Sex Club Toronto ON
December 16/16 UP/DOWN Fest. Guelph ON
November 26/16 Townehouse Tavern Sudbury ON
November 19/16 Coalition Toronto ON
November 12/16 Van Gogh’s Ear Guelph ON
October 9/16 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto ON
September 8/16 Adelaide Hall Toronto ON
August 27/16 The Cavern Winnipeg MB
August 26/16 Vangelis Saskatoon SK
August 25/16 Broken City Calgary AB
August 24/16 The Buckingham Edmonton AB
August 20/16 Funky Winkerbeans Vancouver BC
August 19/16 The Dirty Jersey Kamloops BC
August 18/16 Local 510 Calgary AB
July 29/16 The Foxx Lounge Barrie ON
June 19/16 The Smiling Buddha Toronto ON
June 10/16 The Silver Dollar Room Toronto ON
June 6/16 Reflections Cabaret Halifax NS
June 4/16 Baba’s Lounge Charlottetown PEI
June 3/16 Tide & Boar Ballroom Moncton NB
June 2/16 Gus’ Pub Halifax NS
Jun 1/16 Pub Down Under Saint John NB
May 29/16 Le Murdoch Sherbrooke QC
May 28/16 Jimmy Jazz Guelph ON
May 24/16 The Spill Peterborough ON
May 7/16 Call The Office London ON
May 6/16 HandleBar Toronto ON
May 2/16 Bovine Sex Club Toronto ON
Feb 25/16 HandleBar Toronto ON
February 12/16 Rum Runners London ON
January 23/16 Hard Luck Bar Toronto ON
November 27/15 TrinityLounge TempleBar Sarnia ON
November 21/15 The Moustache Club Oshawa ON
November 11/15 The Silver Dollar Room Toronto ON
November 7/15 House Show Mississauga ON
October 31/15 House Show Georgetown ON
October 19/15 Lourice’s Oakville ON
October 17/15 Ritual Ottawa ON
October 16/15 Le Murdoch Sherbrooke QC
October 15/15 Turbo Haus Montréal QC
October 10/15 EVAC London ON
Oct 10/15 Grooves Records London ON
Oct 9/15 The Doors Hamilton ON
October 2/15 The Old Laurel Toronto ON
September 14/15 Lourice’s Oakville ON
September 11/15 The Spill Peterborough ON
September 5/15 Grimsby Skate Park Grimsby ON
August 29/15 Villain’s Beastro Windsor ON
August 22/15 Wasted Space Oshawa ON