“Abrasive, chatty and conversational”

New Noise Magazine

“The quintessential representation of Canadian punk rock”

Antidote Magazine

“…blasting beats with soaring, grating vocals make for a mean punk explosion”

The Deli Magazine

“ Infectious, nervous energy, as well as dizzying and unexpected noises”

“crazy, shambling, glorious”

Evil Sponge

“A three piece noisy rock band that kind of sound like a hybrid of Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age and METZ”

Live In Limbo

” Bike Thiefs have an infuriating name but a cool sound, with sing-spoken vocals over busy, angular post-punk.”

Some Party

“Well-crafted, dark blend of sonic indulgence. Baritone vocals reminiscent of the late Ian Curtis of Joy Division fame.”

Mississauga News

“Pick for #NewMusicFriday”



“They’ve crafted a dynamic sound: booming guitar riffs, hard driving drums, intricate lyrics, rounded out with a rhythmic bass line – a controlled chaos.”

Naked Underground

“FIND OF THE WEEK -‘Redline’
A perfect tune with a wall of noisy guitars and drums paired with standout vocals.”

Diamond Deposits

“It bodes well when the only flaw you can find on a record is that it isn’t meant for the radio. 10/10”

Bucklist Music Review

“(Bike Thiefs) provide a great blend of high tempos, shout-spoken vocals and riffing that’s a cool blend of off-kilter and heavy.”

One In Ten Words 



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