“Character-driven humor and spring-loaded punk”

Paste Magazine

“Abrasive, chatty and conversational”

New Noise Magazine

“The quintessential representation of Canadian punk rock”

Antidote Magazine

“Bike Thiefs are part of that recent rock movement that seems to be determined to careen away from the wishy-washy shite that’s been dominating for years to head in a more aggressive, raw, and frankly, engrossing direction.”


“Best of Indie Rock 2017”

The Indie Folx

“it’s different from probably anything you’ve ever heard”

Impose Magazine

“..singer/guitarist Marko Woloshyn believes what he is selling and it all comes together nicely…it sounds both very familiar but also new and exciting at the same time. ”

Live In Limbo

“If there ever was such a thing, (Bike Thiefs are) the right amount of bold”

SSG Music

“…blasting beats with soaring, grating vocals make for a mean punk explosion”

The Deli Magazine

“ Infectious, nervous energy, as well as dizzying and unexpected noises”

” Bike Thiefs have an infuriating name but a cool sound, with sing-spoken vocals over busy, angular post-punk.”

Some Party

“Pick for #NewMusicFriday”


“They’ve crafted a dynamic sound: booming guitar riffs, hard driving drums, intricate lyrics, rounded out with a rhythmic bass line – a controlled chaos.”

Naked Underground

“It bodes well when the only flaw you can find on a record is that it isn’t meant for the radio. 10/10”

Bucklist Music Review

“(Bike Thiefs) provide a great blend of high tempos, shout-spoken vocals and riffing that’s a cool blend of off-kilter and heavy.”

One In Ten Words 



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